Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Interesting Picture

Jing Jiang "Shao Lin 7 Style"

1st Style: Long Piak!!!
2nd style: Buttocks Kiao!! Kiao!!!
3rd Style: Talk to the com
Still talking..........
4th Style: The Zombie Stance....
5th Style: Standing sleeping stance
What the fuck is he looking?!??!?! how many times already u talk to the com..... Omg...Shao lin got teach u how to talk to a com? .lol
6th Style: "Cheated Death" Stance lol
Really like fainted woi him......
7Th Style: Half crouching Stance lol.....Got pro woi..... Biao yen woi JJ!!! haha

Something interesting....Sure better then Jing jiang d Snapshot.......haha Must see!!!

Guess WHO???????? lol......haha who dunno can go long piak liao!!! haha~~~~

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some interesting Post

This T-shirt look's so cool!!! "UCB" Translate to Hokkien....Means?? haha lol Jio woi this t-shirt

Look at this picture....And think about someone who you know...... Wanna know is who???

*Guess first before you see the answer.

The guys is....

Guang Long!!!! the one beside me!! haha look alike o not??? haha... One of my precious buddy!! If eddie murphy saw GL also would terkejut.... Eddie Murphy:" Oh!! My Clone!!"

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yesterday I have cook a creamy spaghetti for myself and i name it--"The Island on the White Sand" haha taste very creamy woi....

Anyone want some??

.P.s. The top one is Fried Pork meat.

Anyway why Jay Chow suddenly become.......

So Fat!!! lol

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I will always remember 19/3/2008--AKA Dulan DAY

Why i will always remember this date?

Tell u why~~~

the story goes like this.....

Me and 2 of my friend went to Merdeka Palace to celebrate the well passing of our exam... I very looking forward for this dinner that I can't stop thinking of how this dinner gonna be and how the dishes will look like..... Before having that dinner, I keep thinking of the delicious pasta, juicy steak, salmon fish and more...coz this is what a 4 star hotel buffet is.....

When we reach Merdeka Palace, we were so happy BUT our MOOD change at the moment we step into the "Aurora Restoren", I take a whole look at the restoren at that moment--In my mind just yawning WHAT THE FUCK!!! No STandard QIN!!!BEh DANG AH!!!! Bopien we already step in liao, paiseh to walk out again haiz...So we have our dinner there lo!!!

I tell you the dishes there just like damai d breakfast and most importantly is worst then damai d breakfast, i swear. I tell u what they have at the buffet-- Black pepper beef, Potato Kentang( ayamas brand qin!!!), mee goreng mamak style!, Taufu fried with egg, fried scramble egg, Crab meat soup( SO NOT NICE!!! MAIKU!!!BAH DANG AH!!!), Ice cream ( nestle, boleh tahan la~~~), few kinds of fruit and NO CHEESE CAKE!!!! only moost cake with a bit tira...Aduh aduh !!! why !!! Merdeka palace boh~~~ the standard like this d meh.....

So the whole dinner i only lap the black pepper beef, a bit of crab soup, a boul of ice cream, a lot of salad and 2 piece of cake. Not full at all....!st time i go buffet eat till so besong and not full....i even eat a biji of green apple wahlao!! so healthy woi~~~ Go buffet eat so much fruit and salad like what ang mo always do reli bo hua lo!!!

If next time u wanna diet but u wanna choose buffet for dinner i suggest u MERKA PALACE AURORA CAFE....Diet qin!!! coz ntg to choose haha!!

3 ppl rm 180++ woi chu qin qin and the service sucks somemore!! order a plain water tooke them 20 min to serve!! haiz BEh dang ah~~~

The carpark fee cost me RM 5!!! wahlaO!!! a plate of chicken rice !! The carpark so expensive woI!!! No ppl help us to lap the car or wash it leh!! why so expensive !! Go die la!!

then we go watch movie lo--Ah long ltd ( funny Qin) but yesterday realy soi lo...11.45 pm d only left C roll when we go...Wahlao...Dulan woi!!! bopien buy nia lo...

After we buy our ticket we decided to go out kia kia coz the movie havent start mah...WHO KNWS!! we stuck i the car park for almost 1 hour!! dulan woI!!! frm 5th floor jam till the end!! CB!!! KANN!!

This day i will always remember!! People celebrate anniversary or wat d...We celebrate Dulan DAY!!! lol

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Christiano Ronaldo Signature Jersey!!!

This post is specially posted for all the Man U fans...Especially the fans of Christiano Ronaldo. My friend won this jersey through downloading a game from Digi centre. So damn lucky, especially the signature of CR!!!

Original jersey of Christiano Ronaldo
The champions league badge.

The signature from Christiano Ronaldo!! Oh my God!! U want it? Say a price haha coz my frd wanted to sell it... at least Rm 1k and above...

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WooHOO!!! Great time!! ShishA!!

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Little Lebenon--The first experience of smoking Shisha
Before Ying zhen left this small town--Kuching, We go Little lebenon to smoke Shisha haha( Testing testing mah...Say what leh~~ haha)...First time man and it is a great experience...

Bing hen smoking Heroine?? no la~~~ shisha only la...He mana dare to smoke that thing...But he also smoke a little nia lo that
Yong he noob la him~~~ Ask him to smoke shisha he dun dare...He noob then Bing hen woi...smoke really a bit nia~~ask him to smoke but he keep taking photo among us...Esh~~~
He is the most sat one lo haha~~ Pro qin~~~
Ying Zhen pro also woi....Smoke like pro!! although he is not haha....See this pic? Funny qin...Like the 牛魔王 in journey to west haha
4 of them...Engtao ho? like Kuching

Smoke and Fly? Chu woi....I admit it..When u smoke much it really can make u fly woi haha..I try before...

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